Take 18% Off Your Dream In STEAM Box!

Do your kids/students love science? Are you looking for a new way to introduce STEM/STEAM related concepts in a fun, engaging, and affordable way? My boys are loving their monthly Dream In STEAM box! This month’s box focused on light.  Pictured above is  my six year old working on one of the several light energy projects included in our box.  In this particular activity, he learned how positive and negative energy interact to create light.  Together we read the accompanied book to learn  about LED energy and the difference between LED lights and traditional light bulbs we use at home.  This activity only took us about 20 minutes to complete, so it was just the perfect amount of time to keep him engaged.  It was so cute to see my baby’s face light up when he saw his LED light turn on!

If you’re kids are ready to try Dream In STEAM, don’t forget to use our special discount code for 18% off your first order and come back and let us know what you think!