Liberated Learning: Practicing the Technology of the Sacred

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Getting BLACK Into School: 20+ Melanated School Products & 6 Give Aways!

It’s August, ya’ll, which means many of you are getting ready to stock up your classrooms with new supplies or fill your kids’ closets with new school gear.  For those of us that are of the African Diaspora, finding everyday educational supplies and materials that reflect the outer and inner cultural beings of our melanted children can be a daunting and emotionally frustrating task. Trust me–I know first hand, which is why I created My Reflection Matters (MRM) in the first place.   Continue reading “Getting BLACK Into School: 20+ Melanated School Products & 6 Give Aways!”

Beyond Diversity 101

My experience in Beyond Diversity 101 was spiritually transformational. In the social justice world we can often spend too much time in our minds over intellectualizing everything that comes at us, perhaps, to prove how “woke” or more “conscious” we are over the next person. When we do this, we forget that equity work is heart work and in order to engage in transformational change, we must be willing and able to fully put forth our mind, body, and spirit into what it is we signed up to do–which is to put to death the cycle of genocide against those of us that don’t fit the “American standard”. A horrific cycle our country was built on and continues to function under today.  If you are looking to experience an in-depth training on what it means to be an agent of change, you need to check out BD101.