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Meredith reminds us that, “African American history is AMERICAN history.”

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Leilani Brooks is a mom and teacher. While looking for ways to teach her children about their history and culture, she discovered that there weren’t enough resources for teaching African American history to young children. After purchasing a set of flashcards depicting American Presidents and seeing our 44th President, Barack Obama represented, Leilani was inspired. She called long time friend, educator and historian, Stevi Meredith. Brooks told Meredith she had an idea to make flashcards about African American accomplishments and culture. After some brainstorming, the two came up with  what is now ABC Me Flashcards: The African American Edition.

Designed to be used in a myriad of ways, ABC Me Flashcards are illustrated in vibrant colors with easy to understand wording on the back. They begin with the alphabet but A isn’t for apple. This time, A is for Africa. And so from A to Z or from Africa to Zora Neal Hurston, younger children can learn their ABC’s and older children can use the same cards to learn about their history. Meredith reminds us that, “African American history is AMERICAN history.”


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