Media Inquiries

Chemay Morales-James is available to speak to the media about unschooling, homeschooling, decolonizing education, and everything in between.

If you are a member of the media, please contact:

Jerrod Ferrari, The Narrative Project

203-963-9224 |

Media Boilerplate

My Reflection Matters

My Reflection Matters, LLC (MRM) was founded in 2016 by Social Liberation Eduvist (Education Activist), Chemay Morales-James. MRM’s mission is to provide the tools necessary to support and nurture the development of healthy racial and ethnic identities of Black and Brown children and older youth. We are headquartered in Waterbury, Connecticut, but our work is global

My Reflection Matters Village

My Reflection Matters (MRM) Village is a co-learning community for primarily BIPOC families (and radical educators) seeking support in raising and educating free people. Our mission is to create a virtual space that supports caregivers seeking or walking the path of self-directed education (SDE) with their children and provide them access to decolonized, liberatory educational supports and resources to help them along their journey as they co-learn and co-create with families, healers, facilitators and other partners in our virtual village.