MRM Art Gallery

JOIN US for light refreshments as we come together to celebrate the beautiful creations of our homeschooling students who participated in our 6 week My Reflection Matters in Art Series!  Our showcase will include a combination of 50+ paintings and spoon carvings created by children ages 4-18.  Come see the different Black & Brown artists our children learned about and hear from them how they transformed a piece of split wood into a spoon!

Information and registration for our next round of classes will be available with an affordable sliding scale option (We take cash or check.)! We’ll also be raffling a free painting class along with coffee from Alba’s Cafecitos!

While a donation is not required to attend, we do accept any monetary gift amount you’d like to contribute to support future classes in our community.  Funds will help us to purchase class supplies, pay our artists a competative rate they deserve, and keep our prices affordable for families. You can also join our Patreon Membership if you prefer to expand your level of support over a longer period of time.

Come on out and support our kids, local artists, and youth providers!

We Support Local Businesses & Non-Profits!

This program is funded thanks to the Connecticut Community Foundation (CCF).  Funds not only supported our classes, but we made sure to invest our CCF dollars in local artists, Uela May and Reinaldo Cruz, rent space from Waterbury’s B.A.G.S. Scholarship Foundation, and purchase refreshments for our gallery from Alba’s Cafecitos.

About My Reflection Matters

My Reflection Matters, LLC offers learning experiences for homeschoolers that intentionally center the cultural attributes, traditions, and histories of Black & Brown communities and are taught primarily by teachers of color. We believe when children see themselves represented positively in their daily learning experiences, this  strengthens their sense of self and pride in who they  are.  We also believe when children are provided opportunities to learn about people and cultures that differ from  their own, they are able to develop an appreciation for humanity, and, with increased exposure, learn that differences equate with normalcy.

My Reflection Matters In Art Series offered two courses this early spring: Painting with Uela May & Spoon Carving with Reinaldo Cruz.  Please check out their work and follow them on social media!