My Reflection Matters Village


My Reflection Matters (MRM) Village is a virtual co-learning community for primarily BIPOC families seeking support in raising and educating free people (White co-conspirators are welcome as well.). Our mission is to create a virtual space that supports caregivers seeking or walking the path of self-directed education (SDE) with their children and provide them access to decolonized, liberatory educational supports and resources to help them along their journey as they co-learn and co-create customized learning experiences with families, healers, facilitators and other partners in our space for themselves and their children. When you join our free network, you can choose to purchase one of the following memberships and register for our live tour August 22nd.


Our Co-learning for Liberation (full) Membership is for families who want to be in community and share resources with other families walking the path of liberated and self-directed education. In this membership, families get access to all of our villages (See image below.). 

Members at this level get to…

  • Build community with other families navigating self-directed education at home and share resources and offer advice to one another.
  • Co-create customized learning experiences (that take place outside our platform) with other families and vetted, socially-conscious (majority BIPOC) facilitators, healers, & mentors to support decolonized parenting for caregivers and their children.
  • Receive direct support from Villager & Founder, Chemay, who has nearly 20 years experience working in education–first as a special needs public school teacher and later as a racial equity and liberation coach and consultant to educators, parents, and non-profit leaders.
  • Share, barter, or offer resources and mutual aid to each other outside of educational support. This is vital as we all know access to quality health care, employment, and housing impacts a family’s capacity to support their child(ren)’s learning.
  • Access weekly, culturally responsive resources and tips to support decolonized learning at home.
  • Participate in socially conscious and joy-making events created by our community for our community.
  • Purchase or participate in a-la-carte learning experiences offered by our partners including MRM Villager and Founder, Chemay.

Sliding Scale Payment Option

We are creating a space for own with our own community without relying on a structure that allows outside funders and board members control how dollars are used and how the work is defined. As a result, we’ve chosen to function as a social impact small business where people come before profits and profits are used to reinvest in our work and the people we serve. We’ve gone ahead and created 3 membership payment options that allow members to access our Co-Learning for Liberation (full) Membership at a price that fits their budget.

  • Co-learning for Liberation (SUPPORTER)- $15.99/mth (reduced price)
  • Co-learning for Liberation (SUSTAINER)- $39.99/mth (regular price)
  • Co-learning for Liberation (PAY IT FORWARD)- $79.99/mth (covers your membership plus the cost for an additional member requesting financial support)

If none of the options work for you, please contact Chemay ( to state what you can afford to pay or request a full scholarship (Please write “MRMV membership request” in the e-mail subject line.). Our scholarship dollars are based on how much we collect through our Patreon and Pay It Forward members. We encourage everyone to share our Patreon page to friends and family to help keep our space affordable and accessible.


All applicants that apply before Aug. 30th have the option to try out our full membership at no cost for 1 month! Applicants are required to participate in a live interview. Applications are reviewed and approved by our team of on the ground parents and villagers.

Members interested in purchasing this membership must join our network and complete a brief application. APPLY HERE!


This membership is good for socially conscious families or educators who only want access to our Culturally Responsive Resources Village. Members at this level get…

  • Weekly Tips and tools from Village Founder & anti-racist educator, Chemay, to support decolonized education at home or in the classroom.
  • Special offers or discounts on culturally responsive educational products from our partners.
  • Community support from members everywhere–with varying experiences in social justice, self-directed learning, and decolonized education–to help guide you in creating learning environments that decolonize education and nurture the cultural identities of BIPOC youth.
  • Access to request customized help searching for culturally responsive resources.

Cost: $7.99/month

Members interested in purchasing this membership must join our network and complete a brief application. APPLY HERE!