Join Us for Our FREE Open House Get Down!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! The Village is turning one in August! It’s hard to believe that nearly a year ago, a group of white supremacists infiltrated our village launch thinking they had defeated progress when in fact they only fueled it. With 700+ network members, over 100 private members, 60+ Patreon sponsors, 15+ co-learning partners, inclusion in a national pods study, a recently awarded $50k seed grant, and a new book soon to be published that includes our evolution during a world-wide pandemic, our community has demonstrated to be quite MIGHTY (No pun intended as we use the Mighty Network platform.)!

I’m beyond grateful for all of you that have helped to shape what this space has evolved into. And I’m super excited to celebrate this special milestone at the end of this summer!

So, here’s what to expect…

For the ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST, I plan to open up all of our private, paid membership events to all of our network members–for FREE! This will allow each of you to experience what our Decolonizing Education and Co-learning for Liberation members get to experience in their private memberships.

You can request to join our Village network for FREE! Once in, check out our events and make sure to RSVP and sync them to your calendar so that you get event reminders pinged to you immediately.

Here’s a snapshot of the event offerings for August…

Help Spread the Word of Our Open House!

Word of mouth is always the best way to spread the word about our community and invite those we believe are committed to liberation work. When you invite new folx to join our network, you help to…

  • break the isolation that many caregivers and educators feel that want access to information and community that help them re-imagine education and parenting outside white supremacist structures.
  • expand the wealth of knowledge, experiences, and resources individual members bring and share here.
  • normalize liberation-centered, self-directed learning practices across various communities.
  • mobilize others to advocate for and/or create SDE learning spaces in their local areas.
  • inspire those that can afford give to join our Patreon sponsorship in order to help us continue to offer scholarships and create free and reduced priced events for paying and non-paying members.

If you are loving our community, here are 3 simple things you can do to help spread the word about the Village…

  1. Share our upcoming Free Open House Get Down on your personal and/or business social media page(s), website, email or newsletter. Copy and share the main image for this post along with this link for folx to join the network:
  2. Tell others what you like about your specific village membership and why you think they should join you here. (Don’t be shy tell your story when you post on social media as well.)
  3. If you don’t have time to post, simply tag your friends on our IG post or FB post announcing our August Open House.

Get Ambassador Rewards!

I’m not, personally, a fan of reward systems, but since I know some people like it and Mighty Network offers this option here, I figured it didn’t hurt to set it up for those of you that want it. Read below to see how it works…

  • At the BRONZE LEVEL…receive a place as our featured member of the month. (Redeem your reward by referring 3 members.)
  • At the SILVER LEVEL…receive a 1-1 chat with our founder, Chemay. (Redeem your reward by referring 10 members. PM Chemay Morales-James (she/her) to redeem.)
  • At the GOLD LEVEL…receive Decolonizing Education for 1 month FREE. (Redeem your reward by referring 25 members. PM Tamsyn Ambler (she/her) to redeem.)

Hope to see you and your friends at our August Open House events!

Peace & Love, Chemay