Fare of the Free Child Podcast: Interview with MRM Founder, Chemay

Check out my interview with the fabulous author, life coach, and unschooling guru Akilah S. Richards. I had a blast talking with Akilah and look forward to coming back on her show in the future!  I’ve shared Akilah’s work in the past, but in case you’ve missed it, check out her website and subscribe to her really informative podcasts that explore ways parents and caregivers can engage in the healthy liberation of their Black and Brown children.

“Here’s the story about how a Nuyorican woman who worked at New York University as a social justice coach for educators is now living a life that evolved from a great career nestled inside academia into now unschooling her two Afro-Latinx sons, Judah and Keanu, along with her Trinidadian husband, Shane. Unschooling, as you’ve heard me say since the very first episode of Fare of the Free Child, is a tool for liberation. And of course, liberation don’t fit in no box, so for Chemay, liberation isn’t just for her family, it’s a path she wants paved clear for all Black and Brown folks to have the resources to liberate themselves too.”

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