Family Workshop Series on Racial & Ethnic Identity Development


Do you know or are a parent raising Black or Brown children and are not sure how to best support your kids in developing healthy racial and ethnic identities? If so, I’m super excited to share with you this ground-breaking 4 day series I’ve recently revamped that aims to heal families of color from the harms of racism and discrimination and provide them with tools and strategies they can take to raise liberated youth.  If you’re in the Waterbury, CT area–my hometown–I will be delivering these workshops starting September 15th.  Waterbury Bridge to Success and My Reflection Matters, with the financial support of the William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund, have partnered to offer this opportunity for local families for FREE!  Register or learn more.

Of course, this series isn’t limited to just my community, I’m also making it available to bring to your area.  Keep reading to learn more about what your families can get out of A Family’s Guide to Supporting the Racial & Ethnic Identities of Black & Brown Kids, including a special “back to school” offer if you book before September 15th!

The general topics and objectives for each day are as follows; however, as a seasoned educator, I do prefer to make adjustments where necessary based on the needs of my audience.

Day 1- Defining Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) and the History of Public Education 

  • Examine the historical purpose of public education.
  • Define CRE and ways our current educational system has failed to be responsive to Black and Brown youth.

Day 2-  Let’s Talk About Race Within Your Cultural Group

  • Define Colorism and its impact on ourselves.
  • Unpack the ways in which we may utilize tools of oppression in our parenting style.
  • Identify the intersecting identities within our own cultural group that we struggle the most to acknowledge, support, or humanize.

Day 3- Let’s Talk About the Racial & Ethnic Identity Development of Your Kids

  • Explore the psychological process some of our Black and Brown kids may be experiencing as they respond to racist and discriminatory encounters.
  • Highlight some strategies or activities families can engage in to support their children in developing healthy racial and ethnic identities.

Day 4- Examine ways families can mobilize schools to center PRIDE (Positive Racial Identity Development in Education) in their work

  • Identify beginning steps local and abroad parent organizers have taken to push for more culturally responsive educational practices in schools.
  • Hear from students what their needs are and how they want the adults that care for them to support them in and outside of school.
  • Optional: Identify local families interested in organizing to address educational inequities.

Book This Family Series Now!

If you think this series of difficult but necessary conversations with the families you work with is what they need and want,  Contact me now to get pricing and other information!  Want my  “back to school” special? Book before September 15th to get 30  Wokebooks, 30 signed copies of my book, The ABCs of the Black Panther Party,  and 2 give-away bags to raffle out to your group with culturally relevant resources to help families build their anti-oppressive home libraries–all for FREE!  Looking forward to hearing from you!