Contributing Writers

Attention Woke Writers!  We are always looking for contributing writers who want to share educational or parenting tips, information, and/or resources that support the development of healthy racial & cultural identities of Black and Brown youth (from birth to young adult).  If you would like to write a piece for our blog, send us a quick message letting us know what topic or information you are interested in sharing with our audience.  (Note: Written contributions are not paid.)

Why should you consider being a MRM Blogger? While there is no financial compensation that comes with writing for MRM, there are benefits to joining our blogger’s team. Writing helps to…

  • Build brand awareness of your name, business, product, blog, etc.  While MRMs brand is still building and your blogging supports this expansion, in just two years, MRM has gained over 3,000 followers across the globe with the majority of followers from the U.S. and Canada.  MRM has reached a recognition level on social media that doesn’t require paid marketing on our end to gain new followers and subscribers as our following consistently increases on its own daily and weekly.  This means, wherever MRM shows up on the map, so do you!
  • Expand your following.  While your posts help MRM attract new followers and maintain the interests of older ones, our audience will often become fans of you and your brand, which leads to increased social media likes, follows, and website hits.
  • Sharpen your writing and research skills as well as document your work. Practice makes perfect, and our blog is a great space to do just that! This is also a good opportunity for you to journal or document your current work supporting the lives of Black and Brown youth, which you can later use to write your first or next book!
  • Build community with other socially conscious writers and child advocates. All MRM bloggers are invited to join a private Facebook page made just for you all to share topic ideas, your work, writing tips, and questions you may have . Build each other up by reading each other’s work, sharing and liking each other’s pages, subscribing to one another’s newsletters or blogs, etc. Only together are we stronger and better able to serve our Black and Brown children!