Black Power Book List: Fictional & Real Black Super Heroes

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14 Books Celebrating Black & Brown Papas

Home made gifts are the best, but when you aren’t crafty of don’t have the time, books are right up there with them!  So, if you and the kiddies are still struggling what to get papa for father’s day, don’t worry–I got you covered! Peep these fourteen picture books celebrating fathers of color that are perfect for child and daddy to snuggle up to as they read them together!   (There’s nothing like watching my kids curl up on my husband’s lap to read a good book!)  Continue reading “14 Books Celebrating Black & Brown Papas”

8 Books Reflecting Black & Latinx Scientific Brilliance

On Earth Day, yesterday, thousands of science supporters gathered across the country to march in protest against the anti-science policies of Trump.   In honor of this event, I’ve seen many posts and articles about important scientists and inventors who have made significant contributions to our society. My mind, however, kept asking…but where are all the Black & Latinx geniuses???

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Best Books for Boys

The American Reading Company has partnered with Dr. Pedro Noguera to “provide 50-book independent reading collections that speak to the identities and experiences of the most underrepresented students in American schools: boys of color.”

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