Black Power Book List: Fictional & Real Black Super Heroes

While  it’s true that February–Black History Month–is coming to an end, this doesn’t mean honoring Blackness and all its super powers has to die on the 28th.  In fact, culturally responsive educators recognize that Black history should be integrated in everyday learning experiences with young people.  So, if you need some help diversifying your library, I’ve decided to share with you my recommended book list that I create once a month exclusively for My Reflection Matters Patreon members.

When putting together this month’s list, I knew it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t acknowledge the release of the Marvel film, The Black Panther.  As you know, this movie has Black folks all over the world celebrating #BlackExcellence like never before, because we know our reflection matters on the screen!

This Black History Month, it was only right we shine the light on heroes from the African Diaspora–both fictional & real–that fight/fought crime in the name of justice.  Take a peek a peek and let me know what you think.   And, if you want to keep getting access to my monthly recommended books,  join my membership platform for this and some other rewards!