8 Books Reflecting Black & Latinx Scientific Brilliance

On Earth Day, yesterday, thousands of science supporters gathered across the country to march in protest against the anti-science policies of Trump.   In honor of this event, I’ve seen many posts and articles about important scientists and inventors who have made significant contributions to our society. My mind, however, kept asking…but where are all the Black & Latinx geniuses???

Not surprisingly, the contributions of our Black and Latinx brothers and sisters were almost non-existent.  So, you know I immediately started digging for literature I can introduce my kids to that would reflect the Black & Latinx brilliance that was missing in most of the social media posts that were plastered all over the net the last few days.  While eight books is nothing, it is a start, and I encourage you all to comment and share additional books you would add to this list so we can make them available to other readers who read this post and visit MRM’s page.

If you are interested in finding more information on Black and Latinx scientists, you can visit Black Scientists & Inventors and Los Afro-Latinos blogspots.  CREAD is also another great blog site that unveils scientists and other historical figures across the African diaspora.  Click below to learn more about each of the books pictured above and check out the #blackboygenius at the end of this post who opened up New York City’s #Marchforscience yesterday!
Mae Jemison– First Black American to travel to space

Ellen Ochoa– First Latina astronaut

Hidden Figures–  Highlights 4 Black-American female mathematicians.

Jaime Escalante– Famous Bolivian mathematics teacher

Latinos in Science, Math, and Professions– A-Z Latinx American geniuses

What Color is My World? The Lost History of African American Inventors–  Black American inventors not taught in school

Ada Twist Scientist– A fictional story about a #Blackgirlgenius

Jaden Toussaint– A fictional book series about a 5-year old #Blackboygenius



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