MRM Announces New Art Classes

My Reflection Matters (MRM), LLC offers learning experiences for home or unschoolers that intentionally center the cultural attributes, traditions, and histories of Black and Brown communities. Classes are taught primarily by teachers of color in order to promote our mission in offering opportunities for youth to see themselves in positions of leadership. Continue reading “MRM Announces New Art Classes”

Take 18% Off Your Dream In STEAM Box!

Do your kids/students love science? Are you looking for a new way to introduce STEM/STEAM related concepts in a fun, engaging, and affordable way? Continue reading “Take 18% Off Your Dream In STEAM Box!”

MRM Art Gallery

JOIN US for light refreshments as we come together to celebrate the beautiful creations of our homeschooling students who participated in our 6 week My Reflection Matters in Art Series!  Our showcase will include a combination of 50+ paintings and spoon carvings created by children ages 4-18.  Come see the different Black & Brown artists our children learned about and hear from them how they transformed a piece of split wood into a spoon! Continue reading “MRM Art Gallery”

NO DREAM DEFERRED: Why Black and Latino Families Are Choosing Homeschool

Several months ago, I had connected with author and homeschooling expert, Zakkiyya Chase, in a homeschooling group we belong to after seeing her post about a new book she had just published titled, NO DREAM DEFERRED: Why Black and Latino Families Are Choosing Homeschool.  I couldn’t believe my eyes–FINALLY, someone had written a book that laid out many of the core reasons my husband and I have chosen to not enroll our young children in a traditional school setting!!

Continue reading “NO DREAM DEFERRED: Why Black and Latino Families Are Choosing Homeschool”