That’s So Gay! A Game of LBGTQ Discovery

An LGBT trivia game for the whole family!

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The phrase “That’s so gay!” has been used mostly in a negative context for decades. Some people use it as a way to attack or vilify us, and others use it in fun, not realizing the damage it can do. As with the reclaiming of negative words and phrases such as “queer,” this game seeks to turn “That’s so gay!” into a positive opportunity to educate LGBTQs and our allies, and even those people who would attack us. Words can be a tool of our enemies, or can empower us in our work. And this game hopes to break down stereotypes while having some fun with our LGBTQ history. There are the well-known celebrities and media sensations, but also obscure authors, scientists, athletes and pioneers. The scope of the game goes back thousands of years and across multiple continents, all with more than 2,400 questions that will tease you, taunt you, and treat you to some amazing facts. This game would be the most enjoyable for adults and for children ages 12 and up. It is best played in teams, but even two players can have fun testing their knowledge. There are all ranges of questions, so even those who think they “know it all” about the LGBTQ community will undoubtedly sometimes find themselves stumped. This game was created and produced by Tracy Baim, co-founder and publisher of Windy City Times, an LGBTQ newspaper founded in 1985. She has been volunteering and working in the LGBTQ community since 1984.

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