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How To Stay Woke In Class Notebooks

We’re excited to introduce our first line of WOKE school supplies for the not so average student.  MRM’s How to Stay Woke Notebook Collection provides visual reminders/tips for young and mature people on how to consciously engage in their learning experience.  Our journal sized notebooks are good for passing notes to those who need help staying awake or jotting new ideas on how to stay woke in class!  Our three designs include: How to Stay Woke in Class: Always Disrupt Racism,  How to Stay Woke in Class: Question Every Thing, and How to Stay Woke in Class for Wypipo: Decenter Your Whiteness.

Afro-Diasporic Brilliant Child T-Shirt

Affirm your melanated child’s brilliance with MRM’s bold Afro-Diasporic Brilliant Child top for kids representing the African Diaspora!  Don’t forget to add to your swag one of our signature “How To Stay Woke In Class” notebooks for a boost of consciousness.



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