MRM In CT Home Education

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My Reflection Matters in CT Home Education™ is an extension of MRM that specifically targets the needs of home educators of Black & Brown children in Connecticut. This closed group serves as a community for parents/caregivers in the Connecticut area that have chosen to educate their Black or Brown kid(s) at home to connect with each other, share resources that speak to the needs of their kids, ask for advice, and provide support to one another as we all embark on the journey of unschooling, homeschooling, or whatever type of home education method caregivers have chosen to engage in with their children. This safe space is also designed to allow group members to openly bring up questions or concerns involving the racial and cultural experiences of their families without feeling worried they will be silenced or accused of being divisive or discriminatory towards those who may not share the same experiences.

As an unschooling mom herself, MRM founder, Chemay, is eager to locate service providers and artisans in her state who have knowledge and expertise in very specific content, trades, or artistry that center the cultural attributes, traditions, and histories of Black & Brown communities in their work.  Too often, families of color who choose to educate their children at home, find themselves isolated in the homeschooling community.  When trying to locate physical or online classes or workshops tailored to the interests and cultures of their children , it is a huge struggle finding classes that teach content related to the cultural background of Black & Brown families and does so from a decolonized perspective.  Not to mention the lack of diversity among those who facilitate learning sessions.

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