14 Books Celebrating Black & Brown Papas

Home made gifts are the best, but when you aren’t crafty of don’t have the time, books are right up there with them!  So, if you and the kiddies are still struggling what to get papa for father’s day, don’t worry–I got you covered! Peep these fourteen picture books celebrating fathers of color that are perfect for child and daddy to snuggle up to as they read them together!   (There’s nothing like watching my kids curl up on my husband’s lap to read a good book!)  Continue reading “14 Books Celebrating Black & Brown Papas”

8 Books Reflecting Black & Latinx Scientific Brilliance

On Earth Day, yesterday, thousands of science supporters gathered across the country to march in protest against the anti-science policies of Trump.   In honor of this event, I’ve seen many posts and articles about important scientists and inventors who have made significant contributions to our society. My mind, however, kept asking…but where are all the Black & Latinx geniuses???

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Celebrating Women’s History Doesn’t Have to Look Exclusively White


By Chemay Morales-James

Growing up, I never felt completely connected with identifying as a feminist.  It wasn’t because I was oblivious to the continued misogyny and social inequities me and my girls continued to experience on a daily, but when women’s rights were brought up in high school and college, they almost never included the voices of women of color nor was there any acknowledgement of the racist, patriarchal division that was ironically upheld by White women during the suffrage and other movements.  In fact, the recent Women’s March on Washington received much criticism from Black & Brown activists in how it initially left out women of color and was protected by law enforcement during the mass protests, which is a stark contrast to the militarized police that often make themselves present during protests lead by Black and Brown communities.

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A Child’s First Book of Trump

“What is this strange beast you keep hearing about? Together I think we can figure it out…” Not sure how to explain Trump to your kids? A Chld’s First Book of Trump will help get you started!

#MRMbookfave: Naturally Me

Another #MRMbookfave for you all this lovely Friday that celebrates and affirms our melanated beauties! Check out The Brown Girl’s Club for a variety of products including party supplies that represent our kids! When you shop there, use code MRM to receive 10% off your total purchase! In addition to getting a discount, you will also be helping us to better serve you since a percentage of your payment will go to MRM! In an era where more people of color are becoming deliberate in spending money where it allows them the opportunity to contribute to the development of Black & Brown businesses, this partnership between MRM and Brown Girls Club supports #woke consumers like you. Can’t beat that!

7 Books That Speak About Skin Color

I love using books as a tool to initiate conversations with my children about a variety of topics. Here are 7 texts you can read with your kids to explore and affirm the multitude of skin tones in your family. Sign up for our newsletter for access to other racial identity affirming resources: http://bit.ly/mrmnews.

Books pictured above: Shades of Black|Black, White, Just Right!|Black is Brown is Tan|All the Colors of the Earth|Tan to Tamarind: Poems About the Color Brown|Best Best Colors/Lost Mejores Colores|All the Colors We Are/Todos Lost Colores De Nuestra Piel