MRM Announces New Art Classes

My Reflection Matters (MRM), LLC offers learning experiences for home or unschoolers that intentionally center the cultural attributes, traditions, and histories of Black and Brown communities. Classes are taught primarily by teachers of color in order to promote our mission in offering opportunities for youth to see themselves in positions of leadership. Continue reading “MRM Announces New Art Classes”

Black Excellence

Continue reading “Black Excellence”

To My Black Son’s Future Teacher: See My Child

To My Black Son’s Future Teacher,

As the new school year approaches and I prepare to entrust my child once again to a teacher (whom I am uncertain has been trained in how to best support the intellectual and psychological growth of children of color), I begin to think about what I want for my child. I keep coming back to one outstanding desire: that you see my child. Continue reading “To My Black Son’s Future Teacher: See My Child”

Getting BLACK Into School: 20+ Melanated School Products & 6 Give Aways!

It’s August, ya’ll, which means many of you are getting ready to stock up your classrooms with new supplies or fill your kids’ closets with new school gear.  For those of us that are of the African Diaspora, finding everyday educational supplies and materials that reflect the outer and inner cultural beings of our melanted children can be a daunting and emotionally frustrating task. Trust me–I know first hand, which is why I created My Reflection Matters (MRM) in the first place.   Continue reading “Getting BLACK Into School: 20+ Melanated School Products & 6 Give Aways!”

14 Books Celebrating Black & Brown Papas

Home made gifts are the best, but when you aren’t crafty of don’t have the time, books are right up there with them!  So, if you and the kiddies are still struggling what to get papa for father’s day, don’t worry–I got you covered! Peep these fourteen picture books celebrating fathers of color that are perfect for child and daddy to snuggle up to as they read them together!   (There’s nothing like watching my kids curl up on my husband’s lap to read a good book!)  Continue reading “14 Books Celebrating Black & Brown Papas”

What If All the Dolls on the Toy Shelf Were Black? 15 Doll Companies On a Mission to Dismantle the Status Quo

In the recent May issue of Oprah’s O Magazine, a fantastic feature titled, “Let’s Talk About Race” (Which happens to be the exact same title I came up with a decade ago for an educator’s workshop I developed, but I degress…) presented a series of images depicting role reversals of stereotypical scenes of females in America. Continue reading “What If All the Dolls on the Toy Shelf Were Black? 15 Doll Companies On a Mission to Dismantle the Status Quo”

7 Books That Speak About Skin Color

I love using books as a tool to initiate conversations with my children about a variety of topics. Here are 7 texts you can read with your kids to explore and affirm the multitude of skin tones in your family. Sign up for our newsletter for access to other racial identity affirming resources:

Books pictured above: Shades of Black|Black, White, Just Right!|Black is Brown is Tan|All the Colors of the Earth|Tan to Tamarind: Poems About the Color Brown|Best Best Colors/Lost Mejores Colores|All the Colors We Are/Todos Lost Colores De Nuestra Piel