3 Lessons Learned When Bringing to Life Culturally Responsive Practices

I often like to say that being culturally responsive is a lot like being in love… because being in love is as much about what you do in the context of a loving relationship as it is about why you do it. In my work as an equity-focused consultant to schools, I spend as much time talking about mindsets that support equitable outcomes as I do planning (and co-planning) the implementation of strategies. Just like being in love, a gesture has meaning in context. I regularly remind educators, it is never the strategy alone that makes a master teacher effective. It is the masterful teacher that makes effective use of the strategy.

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Dr. Adeyemi Stembridge provides technical assistance for school improvement with a specific focus on equity. He works with districts around the country to identify root causes of achievement gaps and formulate pedagogy- and policy-based efforts to redress the under performance of vulnerable student populations. Follow him on Twitter @DrYemiS.