My Reflection Matters, LLC (MRM) was founded in 2016 by Social Liberation Eduvist (Education Activist), Chemay Morales-James. MRM’s mission is to provide the tools necessary to support and nurture the development of healthy racial and ethnic identities of Black and Brown children and older youth. It is MRM’s hope that through the thoughtful use of the resources shared and services offered via MRM, this engagement will foster self-worth in youth, a love for humanity, and develop in them the ability to think critically about the injustices they and/or others experience empowering them to combat internalized and institutional racism and oppression in American society and around the world. In order to accomplish this, MRM does the following three things:

  1. Serve as an online online parent-teacher warehouse where socially conscious folks can easily find resources/products that can serve as tools to support the healthy development of Black and Brown youth’s racial and cultural identities. Learn more. 
  2. Provide educational services for both parents and educators that includes facilitating difficult conversations related to racial equity and creating culturally relevant products for equity and liberated minded organizations. Learn more.
  3. Offer culturally relevant programming and events for CT un/homeschoolers of color via their new self-directed cooperative in Waterbury, CT at the WOW Community Learning Center.  Learn more.

Meet Founder, Chemay Morales-James

As a mother and educator, I understand parents and teachers are too busy to search for much needed resources for their Black and Brown kids. Emotionally exhausted as a result of years not seeing myself and, now, my kids represented  in the everyday products young people play with and learn from, I created  My Reflection Matters™ (MRM) as a way for me to share with others educational resources that not only physically reflect Black and Brown children but also mirror and affirm their rich, lived experiences that are often left out or narrowly represented/misrepresented in mainstream curricula and media.  I’m excited to bring to you a continuously growing website that provides you with free access to resources I curate monthly including a newsletter that updates you on what’s new, special events, and give-aways from our socially conscious partners!  Read MRM’s Story

Chemay’s Curriculum Vitae

Personal Bio

I am  Nuyorican by birth, but was raised in Connecticut by my fab. Puerto Rican padres, Che and May (Yep, that’s how I got my name.).  Although I wasn’t lucky enough to be born on the island of PR, I love my isla and unapologetically embrace my Afro-Indigenous lineage.  I’ve been married for more than ten years with my Trinidadian born hubby with whom I’ve made two brilliant and very active TriniRican babies (And, yes, you best believe I found a kid’s t-shirt with this cool name I thought I made up but apparently didn’t.).


I enjoy spending quality time with my family, especially now that I have more free time after leaving my (quite amazing) job of almost ten years at NYU’s Metro Center for Equity and the Transformation of Schools. While there, I served as a Social Justice/Equity Coach for educators developing and implementing culturally responsive training and technical assistance with school districts across the country.

My personal hobbies include decorating/designing, traveling, collecting art, photography, yoga, reading, and hiking.  In addition to having worked at NYU, I’m also a former special education teacher. I keep my instructional skills sharp by continuing to teach at the collegiate level as well as unschooling my sons (I know.  I’m complicated. What can I say?)  I stay involved in my local and state community through my membership on Waterbury BTS’s Equity Matters Think Tank, Waterbury’s Queer Unity Empowerment Support Team (QUEST) executive board, and the CT Commissioner’s Round Table for Family & Community Engagement.

And for those of you that care about silly stuff like academic credentials, I have a  B.A. from Southern Connecticut State University and a Ed.M. from Teachers College, Columbia University. Oh, and I studied abroad at La Universidad de Salamanca in Spain, which was my BEST college experience ever!